2019 Vision

The vision of Flow Church for 2019 is to ‘Reveal the Saints’. This will be done through strengthening projects and sending the people of Flow Church on missions to Staines and Europe in order that we may save more saints.

The sending projects are to equip the members of Flow Church to be sent out as saints to the local community, and into the continent of Europe, to spread the good news of Jesus Christ and tell others that they too can be saints.

There are three types of mission trip which are explained below. Each one is different in what is expected of you during the mission; these are outlined below so you understand the differences.

  1. Explore: A country where we have little to no contact. This trip could involve lots of prayer, walking, sightseeing, street evangelism, meeting with pastors and attending other church meetings.

  2. Ministry: A country where we have been invited to minister at an event or church. This trip could involve serving other churches through being on volunteer teams, meeting lots of new people, and experiencing different cultures of church.

  3. Mission: A country where we have arranged work to serve people outside of the church. This trip could involve long working days, experiencing tough circumstances, and serving the poor.



Purpose: Explore the capital of Lisbon, pray for the nation and make new church contacts.

For: Anyone

Type: Explore

Date: 11th - 14th March

Status for applying: Mission complete



Purpose: To support Athens Community Church in their ministry to the refugees

For: Anyone

Type: Mission

Dates: 28th Oct - 1st Nov

Status for applying: Open



Purpose: To re-connect with pastors and run a young adults event

For: Anyone

Type: Ministry/Explore

Dates: 4th - 9th September

Status for applying: Closed



Purpose: To attend and serve at Terminal Youth Conference

For: Anyone

Type: Ministry

Dates: 14th - 21st October

Status for applying: Open


St Peters Hospital

Purpose: To run three Sunday services and pray for the sick and prayer requests

For: Anyone

Type: Ministry

Dates: Saturday inviting patients to services on May 18th, June 22nd and July 20th. Sunday morning services on May 19th, June 23rd and July 21st

Status for applying: Mission complete.



Purpose: To run lessons and assemblies which teach pupils about the gospel of Jesus Christ

For: Invite only

Type: Ministry

Dates: Various in school hours



Purpose: To serve the local prisons of Staines and share the love of Christ with them by running one Wednesday evening chapel service a month from May.

For: Anyone, but please make sure you can be committed to this work.

Type: Ministry

Status for applying: Open


This contact form is to be used when the ‘Status for applying’ section on any of the above mission trips says ‘Open’. Please do not use it for enquiries before a trip is open for applying to.

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