2019 Vision

The vision of Flow Church for 2019 is to ‘Reveal the Saints’. This will be done through strengthening projects and sending the people of Flow Church on missions to Staines and Europe in order that we may save more saints.

The strengthening projects are available to help Flow Church members be intentional about being strengthened as a saint; to learn and grow in their identity and attitudes, so that they may demonstrate more characteristics of that of a saint, as revealed in the Bible.

The available strengthening projects are listed below.


Prayer Nights

Purpose: Prayer for the people of Flow Church; we will spend time praying for healing and for miraculous breakthrough in peoples’ lives, as well as for the salvation of our friends and families.

For: Anyone

Venue & Time: Hythe Centre, 20:00 - 21:30

Dates : Wed Feb 27th / Wed Mar 27th / Tue Apr 23rd / Tue May 28th / Tue Jun 25th / Tue Jul 23rd / Tue Sep 24th / Tue Oct 29th / Tue Nov 26th


Prayer Nights

Purpose: Prayer for Staines, UK and Europe; we will spend time praying for God’s blessing and breakthrough over our town, nation and continent.

For: Anyone

Venue & Time: TBC, 20:00 - 21:30

Dates (all Thursdays): Feb 28th / Mar 28th / Apr 25th / May 30th / Jun 27th / Jul 25th / Oct 31st/ Nov 28th


Wisdom Nights

Purpose: Further learning; we will go deeper into some topics and principles of the Bible.

For: Anyone

Venue & Time: St Johns in Egham, 19:30 - 21:30

Dates: Wed 6th Feb / Tue 5th Mar / Wed 3rd Apr / Tue 7th May / Wed 5th Jun / Tue 3rd Sep / Tue 8th Oct / Tue 5th Nov

SUMMER WISDOM DAY: Sat 17th Aug, 11am - 4pm, at The Runnymede Hotel. We are privileged to have Dave Niblock & Sola Osinoiki as our guests speakers for the day.



Purpose: To help aid private devotion through a variety of creative and inspirational podcasts

For: Anyone

Where: Everywhere! Go to the media page to find a link or search ‘Flow Church’ on the Podcast app on your iPhone.


Youth Strengthening

Purpose: To inspire the youth of Flow Church to become strong saints of God by visiting other youth events throughout the year

For: School years 7 - 13

Where: Various events throughout the year. Email samuel.phillips@flowchurch.co.uk to find out more information.


Kids Strengthening

Purpose: To help Flow Kids strengthen as young saints of God through running a Kids Day programme at the Waterfall Gathering

For: Ages 2 - 11

Venue & Time: St.John’s, Egham, 11am - 6pm

When: Sat 21st September